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Chevy Chase Developers Planning New Park in the Area

families 4Quality of life is about to get even better in the town of Chevy Chase!

After all, according to a recent article I was reading, consultants for the town recently released renderings and cost estimates for what they see as a sprawling park space on two Montgomery County parking lots.

The park, which will be called Bethesda Commons Park, would be a 2.6 acre park that would have two main purposes: Offeringmore more open space in the area and also providing a buffer for single-family homes in the town.

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What Chevy Chase Home Owners Should Know About the New Park

This community park was first envisioned by the local land use attorney and towns-based planner.

The park would go where the county’s Lot 10 and Lot 24 are currently located.

According to plans, the park concept and implementation would cost $3.6 million to construct and about $35,000 a year to operate.

Planners believe that the largest roadblock in the near future is the fact that Montgomery County has repeatedly noted that it’s against selling the lots and would need to at least have a replacement for the 316 metered parking spaces.

But if the park developers could overcome that, big things are in the forecast. For instance, planners are even talking about promoting the Bethesda Farm Women’s Market within the park.

Town residents are expected to have a chance to comment on the concept at the Town’s May 5 annual meeting.

Living in Chevy Chase, MD

We’ll keep you posted as we learn even more about this park and as it gets even closer to being approved.

We’re confident that this park would certainly elevate quality of life for everyone in the community, which is a good thing.

For now, if you have any home buying or home selling needs in Chevy Chase, please contact us at the Rozansky Group today. We would love to assist you.

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