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Putting your Bethesda home up for sale

Since many Bethesda homeowners only undertake a few home buying sales and purchases in a lifetime, we have found our real estate clients (and potential clients) need a brief “refresher course” on what happens when they decide to list their home for sale on the Bethesda, MD real estate market.

Remove the Emotion of Selling Your Bethesda, MD Home!   

The first step you will take (which will make the entire process much easier) is to make the transition from looking at your house as a “home” and instead, looking at it as a commodity for sale.  This is probably one of the more difficult steps that home owners have to take, but it makes the Open Houses, showings, and incoveniences of having your home on the market easier to manage when you have a mindset of a “seller” rather than an “owner”.

 Listed below are some simple ways to make a great first impression on Bethesda, MD home buyers: 

  • You may have a beautiful new kitchen and 3 renovated baths, but if buyers can’t see past an uninviting entry, they won’t come in.   Keep your walkways clean, keep your lawn and gardens beautiful, and make sure your doorbell works.
  • Kitchens sell houses…so do baths.  Keep yours spotless, keep counters clean and keep your cabinets organized and under-filled.  Buyers will open the doors.   
  • Pare down the contents of your closets so that buyers think there is ample room for their own wardrobes.  Even if you are not a “fashionista”, your buyer may be….let him/her know that there is plenty of room for everything they love to wear.
  • Make sure the beds are made.  Every day.  Put all dishes in the dishwasher (not the sink).  Keep the toilet lids closed.
  • If you have beautiful photos of your home in all four seasons,  use them in advertising and marketing (particularly if you are selling the home in the winter months).   
  • If you have a dark room (even with lights on), consider putting a spotlight behind some furniture…it does wonders.
  • Allergies are a common problem: avoid introducing unnatural scents (like Plug Ins) into your interior spaces
  • Check your home’s thermostat, particularly if you are selling in summer or winter.  Bethesda, MD home buyers will remember a hot house or a cold house…. but they won’t buy it! 

Sold Your Bethesda Home Lately?

What action did you take to make your Bethesda, MD home more marketable?

Until next time,

Brad Rozansky
Your Bethesda, MD REALTOR

About Brad Rozansky

Licensed for 35 years in Maryland, DC and Virginia. Recognized among the Top Real Estate Teams in the United States by The Wall Street Journal from 2008 to the present. Now working with our second generation of home buyers and sellers!


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